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By: Nancy Maheshwari   Wearing a saree is not just about draping the fabric; you will look even more stunning

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By: Mandira Adhikari   The cocktail drape is for parties. I have chosen a rich red coloured saree with a

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By: Polina Hargreaves   Many of you, of course, may be smiling now, when looking on the pictures and could

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By: Tanuja Desai Hidier Full disclosure: My parents came to town and did this drape for me. The seventh in the

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By: Tanuja Desai Hidier Wearing this sari feels like throwing a party—a gardeny, street-arty, comic bookish, Gran Prix, Alice in Wonderland,

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By: Priyanka Dey Wearing sarees in winters is like a tumultuous affair. To choose the right combination of sweater and

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By: Shilpa Bindlish   The traditional saree drapping creates quite a sensuous look for most women. Just the name of

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By: Deepika Bhargava Black colour rules maharashtra so my next drape saree is in black. Again a contemporary way.. Draped

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