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January 20th, 2016 by dare2drape

By:  Garima Dutt

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Headed down #south for #inspiration for my sixth drape for the ‘#7Weeks7Drapes’ challenge. I chose a simple #pink chiffon saree with a black zari border and blouse from Triveni Sarees. This drape is somewhere between the traditional Maharashtrian / South #Indian ones and the modern dhoti pants #style, with a personal twist added to it. I used black tights inside so that I am comfortable moving around.

Leaving about two meters of saree to my left, I pinned the saree to my tights in the centre. I set the pallu on my left shoulder from the right end of the saree, bringing it around me. I then made small pleats from the cloth I had set aside to my left, took them from between my legs and tucked them behind. From the portion of saree hanging in front, I made another set of pleats and tucked them in front. The twist is that I used my long pallu to make gathers (held by pins in front) to keep the pleats behind partially covered. In traditional and dhoti pants style they remain exposed.

I now have my eyes set on buying the #nineyards #saree needed for most #traditional drapes. Yes, one also needs help from online videos, a few safety pins and some amount of practice to master them.

The one I have tried this time is of course, best for #pujas, ceremonies and theme #parties.

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December 9th, 2015 by dare2drape

By:  Garima Dutt

IMG-20151202-WA0008-01 IMG-20151202-WA0007-01 IMG-20151202-WA0010-01 IMG-20151202-WA0005-01

The ‪#‎wedding‬ season is upon us and since it is not very cold yet, it is time to flaunt your curves like a diva in a lovely flowing saree. And what better way to do it than the ‘‪#‎Butterfly‬ drape’ or the ‘‪#‎Bollywood‬ Style’!
So this is what I chose as my fifth drape in the ‘7 weeks 7 drapes challenge’ by Triveni Sarees. The saree in this drape is worn like the ‪#‎traditional‬ nivi style, the way we wear it regularly. The only difference is that the pallu is made very thin and taken in a manner that the navel or the midriff is visible. Ideal for this drape, I used Triveni’s digitally printed green, black chiffon saree with a golden sequined border and a beautiful blouse that is heavily sequined on the arms.

Time to rock the parties, shaadi, wedding-reception…whatever you will!

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November 16th, 2015 by dare2drape

By:  Garima Dutt

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So I chose the ‪#‎Diwali‬ week to do my fourth drape of the ‘7 weeks 7 drapes challenge’ by Triveni Sarees. I picked this blue printed chiffon saree with lovely golden-pink-blue border from their collection. It’s very easy on the eyes and can accentuate most frames. And I decided to be a ‪#‎mermaid‬ by trying the mermaid style! This one is super easy to wear since you do not have to make any pleats. The pallu sits on your right shoulder much like the Gujarati style drape and one side of it comes all the way from your back and is pinned right under the fall of your pallu in front. And much like a mermaid some part of your saree tails behind. Eh! now that could be cumbersome for someone as clumsy as me! I think one can try a variation on this one by adding a few pleats. Needless to say, this drape is lovely for parties. Just ensure you do not fall lest someone steps on your saree err…mermaid tail! The ‪#‎dramaqueen‬ in me definitely added the much needed drama to my ‪#‎SareeSaga‬ on Diwali with this one.

‪#‎Dare2Drape‬ ‪#‎FourthWeek‬ ‪#‎7Weeks7Drapes‬ ‪#‎ethnic‬#‎MermaidDrape‬ ‪#‎SareeLove‬ ‪#‎beauty‬ ‪#‎joy‬ ‪#‎saree‬ #‎DelhiEyes‬ ‪#‎SixYards‬‪#‎DelhiBlogger‬ ‪#‎TriveniSarees‬ ‪#‎Novemver‬ ‪#‎Delhi‬ ‪#‎India‬ ‪#‎Fashion‬


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October 12th, 2015 by dare2drape

By:  Garima Dutt

IMG_20151011_222645 IMG-20151004-WA0036-01-01 IMG-20151010-WA0050-01

So in between watching the first two movies from the Bourne series, I tried my hand at the Bengali drape for week 3 of the ‘7 weeks 7 drapes challenge’. I used a simple printed blended cotton saree by Triveni Sarees (perhaps not the right choice for this drape) and since the blouse was not ready, I used a black spaghetti instead. I thought this drape would be difficult but it is actually the easiest! I don’t think I have got it right just as yet but I am sure this Pujo I will wear it alright for the first time. ❤

#Dare2Drape #ThirdWeek #7Weeks7Drapes #BengaliDrape #SareeLove #saree #DelhiEyes #SixYards #DelhiBlogger #TriveniSarees #Delhi #India #Fashion

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September 28th, 2015 by dare2drape

By: Garima Dutt

IMG_20150927_004755 IMG_20150927_101331 IMG_20150927_101530

On to the second week of my “7 weeks, 7 drapes challenge” and I chose to go with another of my favourite colours – Black.
I have so many dresses in it and it is never enough.

I am thrilled because this is my first black saree. A simple black coloured chiffon saree with golden border and brocade blouse from @TriveniSarees.

This one is ideal from evening parties, cocktails and get-togethers, particularly in this weather and time of the year. I also love the fact that it’s just two colours – black and gold.

Last week, I tried what I called ‘the dupatta style’ drape where in the pallu is brought towards the front over the right shoulder like the gujarati style drape. Then, instead of tucking it in my waist, I took the other end of the pallu on my left shoulder. I later read and found out that the name for this way of wearing the saree is ‘Rajrani style drape’ and I obviously took help to wear this one. This drape draws focus on your waist and is actually ideal for heavily embellished sarees.

The flowing chiffon is a difficult material for me (since I don’t wear sarees often), so I used safety pins to hold the saree together.

For the jewellery, I used my kundan earrings, a simple gold bangle and finished off the look with towel-dried hair, little pond’s bb cream, kajal – ‘graph black’ and the gorgeous matte red lipstick – ‘ruby woo’, both from mac.

I am not sure if a novice like me did justice to this royal and elegant drape but I am happy I tried. Hope to be perfect at it next time!

IMG_20150927_003231 IMG_20150927_003541 IMG_20150927_100947 IMG_20150927_101120 IMG_20150927_101738

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September 19th, 2015 by dare2drape

By: Garima Dutt

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I rarely wear traditional Indian attire. And whenever I do, I prefer wearing a saree. I began by using my mother’s sarees and was gifted my first by a dear friend on my birthday a few years ago. I bought a few to wear to work though that happens only sometimes.

So when I was invited by Triveni Sarees to try their gorgeous sarees and that too with different drapes over 7 weeks, I decided to take up the challenge.

And no better day to begin than the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi! I did my first drape day before yesterday in this gorgeous blue blended south cotton saree. Blue is one of my favourite colours and the hues and border of this saree found a fan in me.

It was a festive, fun but working day and I chose to take the baby step into this challenge by wearing the usual ‘Traditional Indian Drape‘ (or ‘Nivi‘ as I learnt it is called).

It is super quick to wear and the most preferred by women at all times – be it for work, casual evening out / parties or special occasions like festivals or weddings.

I love it and I can practically live in it with ease. At least for a good 10 hours!

And may I add (with all modesty or the lack of it) the compliments that come your way when you wear a saree, leave you all smiles. Perfect! Especially when you are battling cough, cold and fever. ❤

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