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Sensual, versatile and elegant, the saree is perhaps the most irreplaceable piece of clothing that Indian women have ever had. Despite the growing demand for western and stitched garments the saree still holds its place strong. It is kind of an unifying factor that cuts through the diverse cultures and regions of our country.
With the evolution of fashion and sensibilities, women have not shyed away from trying and experimenting with various ways of draping the six yards, and thus giving it a more universal and contemporary dimension.

It gives BlongShong immense pleasure to accept the Dare2Drape challenge by Triveni Fashions,​ where we will be styling and wearing stunning six yards from Triveni with a bit of our own twist.

July 18th, 2017 by dare2drape


By: Devlina and Devpurna

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Devlina and Devpurna have stylised the saree by Triveni on a Denim Skirt and Denim crop top with tie and dye effect. The pleats are formed and tucked at the front and the loose end- ‘pallu’ is taken forward just like in the case of ‘Siddha Palla’. For a chic evening out, this is a cool style to pick!





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July 10th, 2017 by dare2drape

By: Devlina and Devpurna

DSC_0433 DSC_0443 DSC_0455

Team BlongShong picks up the traditional Nivi style to try the first drape style. They chose the printed half and half Georgette style number: TSNVN1710 from Triveni’s ‘Venice’ collection. The saree was paired with cold shoulder crop top. They look to inovate more with the drapes with the next style

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