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Parul is a jewellery designer based in Jaipur. She runs the brand Parure – Jewellery by Parul Poddar . According to Parul, saree is a modest attire and it captures attention through elegance and grace. Nothing makes a women look more beautiful like a saree does. Her passionate love for sarees and Indian jewellery are visible from her outlook and dressing tales! Her passion for sarees makes her an enthusiastic Dare2drape challenger.

April 29th, 2017 by dare2drape

By: Parul Patanwala Poddar

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Parul chooses to adore the classic Nivi style as she tucks the pallu in an elegant fashion to the sides. She chose statement silver oxidized jewelery to complete the look. She picked up Triveni’s Check and Animal Print bright Yellow Art Silk saree for her look!


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