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Priyanka calls herself a Bengali living in Delhi. Born in Kolkata, she finds her roots in Bengali culture- be it literature, fashion or music and dance. Beauty for her is what you feel rather than how you look. You may reach her through her blog at .

February 9th, 2016 by dare2drape

By: Priyanka Dey

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Wearing sarees in winters is like a tumultuous affair. To choose the right combination of sweater and shawls and socks with the saree makes it an arduous process.
Black is one shawl color that never fails to own up to an occasion. Shawls give the touch of finesse with a saree and look much more graceful than sweaters. Wear Saree in a normal drape with the plaits folded crisply and wear the shawl from behind to drape the exposed back and protect it from the cold.

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