“The Elegant Saree Drape”

By: Polina Hargreaves

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Actually, I do not know the name of this drape, but according to Diva Dolly it is the latest style. In my opinion, sarees with bright and wide border will be the best choice. For the sixth week of my challenge I have chosen a cotton saree. Classic Elegant style is perfectly suited to such classic saree. Very comfortable drapery allows you to feel yourself as a Lady.All that you need it is a little bit upgrade usual Nivi style. Rather than fix the folds on the left shoulder, you stretch them under left arm and fix on the right shoulder. As you see, saree covers almost all body and it is not only chaste, comfortable and delicate, but makes you feel warmer in cool weather)). Bracelets, necklaces, handbag, shoes and, possibly, a belt will help you create the great image, transforming an ordinary single color saree in elegant evening dress. If you know the exact name of this style, then write to me in the comments.

January 8th, 2016 by