“The Halter Style Neck-Knot Sarong Drape”

By: Shilpa Bindlish

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Sarong is a sassy yet elegant way to dress up while chilling out at beaches or spending leisurely time holidaying at hot climate areas. I like sarong dresses because of its light weight, flowy material that makes you look effortlessly stylish.
To convert a saree into a sarong, I held the saree in a way so it lays horizontal to my body and folded it twice. Then taking the folded saree behind my back, I aligned the saree just below my shoulder blades. Now grabbing the two top corners that will come around the front of my body, I covered my bust line and criss-crossed the corners of the saree across my bust line. At the final step, I tied the corners behind my neck that resulted in a more modest saree drape style :)
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