“The Mother- Fatherland Drape”

By: Tanuja Desai Hidier

Sari7b Sari7e Sari7d Sari7a Sari7f Sari7c

Full disclosure: My parents came to town and did this drape for me. The seventh in the seven-sari Dare2Drape Challenge.

I was honored to be asked to be a leading face for Triveni. As well, my father is from Gujarat, where Triveni is based (my mother is from Bombay).

Boston-USA-born me, I only lived in India a couple of years as a baby. In fact, both of my books and albums have been inspired by my desire to know this mother-and-father-land better, while exploring the many-layered experience of inhabiting a multicultural identity.

And what more fitting fabric to explore this layering than a sari? The sari features numerous times in both of my novels (in fact, it even inspired me to write a song called “Sari” for When We Were Twins, my album of songs based on my first novel Born Confused!).

Born Confused takes its name from the term American Born Confused Desi. Through the journey of Indian-American heroine Dimple Lala during a summer where she’s trying to bring her cultures together without falling apart in the process—undergoing her own kind of ‘draping’ challenge, so to speak–I wanted to redefine the C for Confused to one for Creative, as this felt to me to more accurately reflect the desis that people my world. People who were in fact shaping fact shaping –draping!–and creating the culture as they went along. As we went along. And still are.

And now these saris have become an extension of that redefining. I’d never tried to put one on before week one of the Dare2Drape challenge and began the process in utter confusion. Like my protagonist, I am working my way to turn that Confusion to Creativity.

And I must say, it’s been a treat with these beautiful saris!

Drape center of material behind the neck. Bring ends in front and tuck in in front of the blouse. Bring the rest of the material behind. Pleat and tuck in the back. Bring the tie over ears so baubles hang down like earrings.

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