“The Steampunk Style Saree Drape”

By: Polina Hargreaves


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Many of you, of course, may be smiling now, when looking on the pictures and could think that it is not so much Steampunk. Yes, you’re right; I look mostly like a blend of pirate and gipsy))). BUT! My image was created with a touch of Indian style, so then to fully capture the spirit of Victorian England is impossible and unnecessary. I tried to make this look by using Indian saree from Triveni Company. Just placing it in the folds around the waist, gathered on the side and put pallu on the right shoulder, like in the Gujarati style. With help of petticoat, material lay quite volumetric. Also, corset became an integral part. I used a turban instead of a hat and also wore stylish boots. In my opinion it was very interesting experiment!

February 20th, 2016 by