The Temple Drape


A simple, smart yet traditional drape from South Indian temple traditions— this saree drape is a widely accepted and the most functional one among Indian women. It makes the saree comfortable and wearer-friendly as we can drape this style to even our office. The pallu is pleated in four equal folds and pinned on the shoulder to give the border a nice frame and giving your body an hour-glass shape.

The saree I am wearing is a traditional Kanjivaram heavy-weight pure silk in mustard and burgundy color combination. It belongs to my mom’s wardrobe and is about 29 years old and still is in quite good condition and looks almost new because of it’s good silk quality. It’s a family heirloom and gives me the pleasure of wearing something exquisite. I have teamed up 22 carat heavy gold jewellery in South Indian temple design along with it to bring that head-to-toe prosperous look. Do check out the details of this drape on my blog The Style Symphony!

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April 3rd, 2016 by