“The Writer’s drape”

By: Tanuja Desai Hidier



AKA The American Born Creative Desi drape – that began with six yards of unpleated Confusion for me: a US-born Indian-American (Maharashtran mother/Gujarati father) now living in London…who’d never previously ever attempted to put on a sari! But this gorgeous georgette number was just so irresistible I had to at least try to turn that confusion into something a tiny bit creative.

I think of it as the Writer’s Drape as the whole process took place at in a room that’s floor-to-ceiling books—and even more so, because of how the saris are held together: I didn’t have a single safety pin at home, as I discovered to my concern on this day of my first ever drape..,but, luckily, as an author/singer-songwriter, do have paper clips of all shapes and sizes that I primarily use to hold together drafts of chapters and songs—and, as of now, Triveni sarees, too! The drapes are mostly similar to the Nivi style (which I’ve just come to learn about), but instead of placing the pallu on the left shoulder, it’s brought over the right one towards the front, and then left either hanging or partly tucked in at the back.

Happy new beginnings (and drapings) to my lovely fellowess Dare2Drapers—and to all of you! (And happy Ganesh Chaturthi as well.)


September 17th, 2015 by